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Leather Fashion: To Upgrade Your Style, Wear Leather!

Leather Fashion 

Leather is the end product of tanning an animal's rawhide to become wearable, strong, and easy to use. There are a few main types of leather: chrome tanned leather, vegetable-tanned leather, Aldehyde-tanned leather, Brain tanned leather, and Alum leather. 

Another way to classify leather used in fashion is to divide them into categories according to their grades. There are top-grain leather, split leather, and bonded leather. 

leather fashion upgrade style

Leather can also be named after the animal. Most of the time, cattle are used to produce leather fashion items—however, many other animals, including horses, ostrich, kangaroo, alligator, or snake, etc.

Leather fashion has been in use for a very long time, since 2200 B.C.E. From that day to the present, leather has always remained on top of fashion items' most popular materials. A list of fashion items made of leather includes bags, shoes, watch straps, wallets or purses, etc. Nowadays, more and more products made of leather are being continuously innovated to adapt to fashion trends. 

How leather fashion items help upgrade your style 

If you want to go bold, elegant, and fashionable, consider filling your wardrobe with items made of leather. The materials will be a wise choice for several reasons: 

1. Durable & Long-lasting 

leather fashion durable leather

Wearing leather, you will not have to worry about the durability because the material is classic and timeless. Its history dates back to centuries ago, so there's no doubt that its quality remains despite weather conditions and other outdoor factors.  

Besides, regarding genuine leather garment, we can use it over and over again because of not only its durability but also its adaptability. No matter what your personal style is, leather fashion items can easily be mixed and matched, so that you can wear it over and over again. 

2. Never go out-of-trend 

leather fashion

It is widely accepted that fashion trends come and go. Trend of this year may no longer be the same next year. However, leather will never fall out from the fashion trend cycle thanks to its classic and elegant look. 

There were some controversies about whether leather is still a trendy topic in fashion over years. Some people claim that feminine styles are going on trend lately, so leather items should not be paid much attention to anymore. However, leather is the type of material that can “go with the flow” no matter the trends are feminine style, or rock, or casual. Therefore, it will never be out of date. 

3. Can be mixed and matched with different items 

leather fashion items

Have you ever found it hard to mix and match your outfit? You might be standing in front of the mirror, trying over and over again many items in the wardrobe yet finding not any matching outfit. If this sounds familiar to your case, consider upgrading your style with leather fashion items. 

The leather garments and accessories can go well with any style, colour. It can be worn on many occasions such as a date, a coffee, a wedding or just a walk along the street. With leather, your style will be upgraded!

Top 5 popular types of leather fashion 

1. Cattle 

leather fashion cattle leather

Top of the list undoubtedly is cattle. There are several advantages using cattle leather fashion, such as: its strength, durability and low cost. 

It can be used to produce leather bags, jackets, watch straps, wallets… 

2. Sheep

leather fashion sheepskin leather

Sheep is also another popular leather fashion type. Using sheep leather, people can take advantage of its heat insulating characteristic. It is also really thin and soft, which makes it really comfortable to wear. 

For its own strengths, sheep leather can be found in some typical items like warm clothes, gloves, and other items that help keep warm. 

3. Goat

leather fashion goat leather

Goat is used a lot in the leather fashion industry. The reason is that it is strong and thin, so it can be used to produce leather bags, wallets,... Items that need both durability and flexibility are recommended to use this type of leather. 

4. Alligator

leather fashion alligator leather

It is obvious that alligators are really commonly used in leather fashion. We all have seen advertisements of alligator leather products on TV, and most of them come from high-end fashion brands like Hermes,.. The characteristics of alligator leather include durability, thickness and luxurious appearance. That’s why it is used to produce luxury bags, wallets, watch straps… 

5. Ostrich 

leather fashion ostrich leather

You may not even think of this animal. However, because the ostrich leather is considered to be one of the finest and most durable types of leather, it is widely used in leather fashion. You can find it as part of high-end bags or watch straps. 

Leather fashion items have been popular for a very long time of human history. It has many advantages such as durability, never-going-out-of-trend and its adaptability to any other stuff or styles. Therefore, items made of fashion should be a must-have in your wardrobe. A leather bag, a wallet or watch strap can be really useful for you to look classic, elegant but still really bold and charming.