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Top 8 Best Leather Type For Wallets You Would Love In 2021

Knowing the best leather type for wallets helps you choose the best leather wallet and enjoy using your wallet without worrying that it could be worn out easily. Nowadays, most people use a wallet to keep their belongings, cards, and sometimes, a wallet is one of your accessories. 

Carefully choosing your wallet's material could demonstrate your fashion style and your taste. We believe you could choose your dream leather wallet with these ten best leather types for wallets here. 

Top 8 Best Leather Type For Wallets In 2021

1. Full-grain - Best leather type for wallets

best leather for wallets

This best leather wallet is rated as the most high-quality leather. Full-grain is made from top layer leather, and it is the most durable leather type for wallets. If you are searching for a sturdy leather type and not easily worn out, we recommend using this great-quality leather. 

One of the most remarkable features of this best leather type for wallets is as time goes by, the wallets made of full grain leather will look unique and beautiful instead of old and worn out. 

2. Best leather wallet - Top grain

Top grain is the second good quality leather for wallets, just after the full-grain leather. If you want to purchase a leather type that makes your wallet look luxurious and fashionable at an affordable price, this leather is a great choice. 

So what's the difference between the full-grain and top-grain leather? Top grain is the thinner leather type for wallets. However, the top-grain is considered the best leather type for wallets as it is still durable and doesn't stain after a long time. 

3. Suede leather type for wallets

leather types for wallets

Suede leather is a part of both the top and bottom of the leather. When using this leather to make wallets, the surface would be brushed, giving a napped look. This best type for wallets is quite soft, that's why a lot of people love it. 

Also, it is very convenient to match any clothes with their faded look. Luxury feel, extraordinary look, and softness are fantastic things this best leather wallet brings you.

4. Genuine the best leather type for wallets

genuine leather for wallet

If you are finding reasonable leather, then genuine leather is one option you could consider. This leather type for wallets is made of removed top layers of leather. Genuine leather is quite flexible and convenient. It's simple to use and matches with clothes. 

Also, you can find this best leather type for wallets in many wallet styles and sizes. This wallet's material is lightweight so that you could carry it anywhere easily.

5. Exotic leather for wallets

If you like an exotic and unique look, you could try this exotic leather material. This exceptional leather has different textures made of various skins of alligator, crocodile, python. This best type of leather gives you the best experiences every time you hold your leather wallets and enjoy the great textures. 

6. Nappa leather type for wallets

The best type of wallet leather is dyed leather. Nappa is rated as premium leather, so it offers you a sophisticated feel and modern look. It's not too soft but very breathable and long-lasting, making this leather a good style and popular. 

One great thing about this type of wallet leather is it doesn't retain moisture, so you will feel very relaxed when using it every day.

7. Bonded - One of the best leathers for wallets

The bonded leather is a mixture of leather scraps and latex or polyurethane. The quality of it will depend on the process of making leather. The amount of leather used in that process will decide the quality of leather wallets. If you choose bonded leather as your wallet leather, be sure it has a polished look and durability. 

8. Man-made leather wallets

If you want good leather but not animal leather, this man-made leather is a perfect choice for you. Most artificial leather wallets come under vegan. This leather is often made of plastic, rubber, or other not-related animal things. 

This leather has a range of styles and colors for you to select, so you could match it with any outfit's styles to show your personality and fashion taste. It is made of artificial material, making it easier to maintain than another real leather type for wallets. 

Tips To Choose Best Leather Type For Wallet

best leather types for wallets


This is a process of turning animal skin into leather, and the best tanning method is vegetable tanning which offers you versatility, as it could withstand any leatherwork. This tanning method is excellent for wallets because it adapts well with every metal part. 

Weight or Thickness

Another thing you need to be aware of is the leather weights and thickness. These two factors are measured by ounces (oz). Usually, a leather thickness is around 1-4 oz. 

Surface Perfections

You can distinguish the real or fake leather material by checking the leather surface. Natural leather always has pores and imperfect grain and pebbles. When you press genuine leather, it will return to its original shape and be the same as leather before pressing.

The Leather Smell

Another factor for you to choose natural leather is smelling that leather. It's not easy for the manufacturer to fake the leather smell. Animal leather type for wallets will have a raw smell, while fake leather has the smell of chemicals.  


Those are the best leather type for wallets and some tips we recommend to select the best leather wallet. AugLeather hopes you will be delighted after choosing the right leather. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with us through our Whatsapp or Facebook Fanpage.