Ostrich foot Leather Card Holder, Illuminating Color

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Illuminating Color Ostrich foot Leather Card Holder and Wallet

Illuminating Ostrich and Epsom leather wallet is 100% handmade by experienced craftsmen of Aug Leather. 

The wallet is made of Ostrich food matte leather combined with Epsom leather based on the fashionable, durable and chic criterion. To ensure the above criteria, we have used high-end leathers to ensure durability and luxury and bring you the best appearance.

+ Exterior: Ostrich foot matte leather 
+ Interior and card slots: Epsom leather

Size: 10.5x9cm

You can order with any custom (size, colors, you name it). We have all types of leather wallets. Please chat with us to make any custom orders.

Shipping Information

At AugLeather, we take pride in creating high-quality, custom products for our customers. Please note that we do not keep products in stock and instead create each item right after it is ordered. This means that it may take approximately one and a half weeks for your item to be shipped out to you. Please also allow an additional week for delivery. We appreciate your patience as we work to create a unique, personalized product just for you. Thank you for choosing AugLeather!

About Us

Aug Leather specializes in handcrafted leather goods and accessories, including watch straps, wallets, and belts, made from high-quality materials and designed to last.

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