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Togo Leather: One Of Best Types Of Hermes Leather

Togo leather is one of the most smooth and easy-to-clean skin, so it's an ideal leather to make leather goods, such as leather watch bands, leather bags, etc. Learn more about Togo Leather through this article. Maybe it would be your favorite leather type you use every day. 

What Is Togo Leather?

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Togo leather is a grainy calfskin. It is one of the most popular and premium leather used by Hermes. This leather is relatively light and remains its shape in many situations, so if you like the types of leather that are easy to maintain, it is a perfect leather for you to select. The surface of this leather has a pebbled finish, which makes it smooth but grainy. 

Production Process Of Togo Leather

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Togo leather requires a long and skillful manufacturing process. Treating raw skin to tanning takes between 150 and 168 hours, which is 3 to 7 times longer than other leather processes. To ensure the best quality, some tanners even use solar energy and an advanced water filtration system to treat Togo leather, making the Togo leather utterly different from other leathers and becoming one of the most premium leather used. In addition, the production process creates shrinkage on the textured surface of the skin, so it reduces the skin layer by 20% of the total area. 

Togo Leather Characteristics

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Togo leather is durable. It stands out with a distinct and soft texture, making this leather the perfect choice if you like leather that is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. One of the best things about the Togo leather is that it won't change shape even when carrying heavy objects.

Togo Leather Surface

Although Togo leather has a grainy appearance, its surface is smooth and soft to touch, and the pores are relatively small, which makes it loved by many people. As a result, Togo leather is widely used in many items that people always carry, like bags, wallets, or leather watch bands with light structures. 


Since Togo leather is made from calfskin and obtained from an animal in the puberty phase, the skin fiber density is thick, so the leather is soft and supple.

Pros And Cons Of Togo Leather

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  • Togo leather is superior to cowhide as the surface is smoother and the pores are smaller. The leather has thick skin fiber density, and it is pretty soft and supple, making this leather highly elastic.
  • Togo leather is quick to clean and easy to maintain. You should only need to avoid harsh detergents when cleaning Togo leather products. 


  • Although Togo leather is durable, it is made of calfskin, which is thinner and less durable than cowhide. Because of that, it is often used to make light and fashionable products such as gloves, bags, watch straps, etc. Togo leather is considered a luxurious and beautiful yet hard-to-pamper leather type. 

Togo Leather Products

Because Togo leather has soft and elastic properties with clear skin texture and high bearing capacity and is less likely to appear scratches, this leather is often used to produce many leather accessories, especially in designing and manufacturing large bags.

Togo Leather Wallets

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The wallet is a place to store your belongings you always carry with you, like money, cards, or other items. Therefore, a leather wallet with a lightweight and soft material is suitable for you—Togo leather fit for this. 

Togo Leather Watch Straps

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Togo leather's durability and high-fashion look make this leather one of the best materials for making leather watch straps. Wearing a leather watch strap not only styles your watch but also helps you show off your style. 

If you like to learn more about the ways to select suitable leather watch straps, take a look at these five things to be aware of when choosing leather watch straps (Updated 2021)

Togo Leather Bags

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With a smooth and soft surface with scratch resistance features, Togo leather is one of the most excellent materials for making leather bags. In addition, many leading fashion brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and many others use Togo leather as a premium type of leather to produce their products. 

Togo Leather Belts

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Durable, light features and un-stretched texture make Togo leather a perfect material for leather belts. In addition, Togo leather will make the belts more elegant and fashionable.

Cautions When Using & Maintaining Togo Leather

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  • It would help if you did not let your Togo leather product be exposed to the sunlight for a long time, as the daylight would break the structure of Togo leather, which makes the leather color gradually disappear.
  • When cleaning Togo leather products, you should avoid chemicals with harsh cleaning properties, as strong detergents damage the skin's protective surface, making the leather susceptible.
  • When not using Togo leather goods, you should put them in a plastic bag with a few moisture-proof bags or cotton balls to maintain the leather and keep it dry and clean. 
  • You should not leave Togo leather items in places with high humidity like the ground or contact with water, usually because the skin's surface still has pores, and water will damage the organic structure of the skin, which leads to faster leather damage. 
  • You should also regularly use colorless polish or polish with the same leather color to moisturize your leather products and keep them shiny as new all the time.

Togo Leather Fashion Trends 2021

Togo leather is a timeless material to produce many leather products due to its characteristics: durability, lightness, scratch-resistance, easy to maintain, and smooth and supple surface. Because of that, Togo leather has been used commonly by many famous brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, etc., like premium leather, and it seems to be never out of fashion. 

Togo Leather at Aug Leather

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At Aug Leather, high-end Togo Leather is used widely in each of our products. Especially for our Leather Watch Straps for various watches, such as Apple watch straps, Rolex leather watch straps, Omega watch straps, Panerai watch straps, Seiko watch straps, and Vintage watch straps. 

Togo leather with unique characteristics and our craftsmen who have a lot of experience in leather production, Aug Leather's handmade leather watch straps become premium, luxurious, elegant, and stylish more than ever. If you are considering selecting a watch strap, you could contact us for more advice and consultation. 


That's everything we hope you know about Togo leather. Although, of course, Togo leather is not too expensive exotic leather. Still, we believe it will provide you satisfaction when using Togo leather products, so if you consider choosing which leather is suitable for your watch straps, bags, wallets, etc., then Togo is one of the best leathers you should add to your list.