Crazy Horse Leather - The Most Stylish Leather Used In Leather Goods

Crazy Horse Leather is one of the most stylish, vintage, and durable leather. Due to its durability and beauty over time, Crazy Horse Leather is used to make multiple Aug Leather products, such as handmade leather watch straps, wallets, etc.

So what is crazy horse leather? Explore more about this leather type through the article below. 

What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

what is crazy horse leather

Don't be fooled by its name. Crazy Horse Leather is not made from horse skin but a full-grain cowhide. It gains its title as the leather is traditionally used to make horse saddles. First, the cowhide is buffed and smoothed. Next, a natural wax layer is added to the leather, and then it is polished to have a smooth surface. One interesting thing about Crazy Horse Leather is the color-changing ability after time. The scratches or folds on it will change the color tones of the leather, making it more beautiful and have a hued sheen. 

Crazy Horse Leather Characteristics

crazy horse leather

Crazy Horse Leather Durability

Crazy Horse Leather is durable and strong. It can last over time (decades) with very little care. Although it could be scratched easily, scratches make it more beautiful and valuable. It is also the only leather type that could maintain its appealing appearance while getting rubbing and scratching. Over time, crazy horse leather would look better and better, which is a big plus. 

Crazy Horse Leather Surface

When folded, the crazy horse surface will leave marks with different colors from the leather surface, making it have a changing hues ability. This leather surface is relatively smooth and soft-buttery when touching.   

Crazy Horse Leather Water Resistant

Due to the wax coating, Crazy Horse Leather is water-resistant. However, like other leather types, you shouldn't leave your Crazy Horse Leather products in wet places or directly under the sunlight. These will weaken the leather and reduce its lifespan. Besides, the leather can absorb the oils from your skin to make it glossy and more beautiful than before. 

Crazy Horse Leather Pros & Cons

crazy horse leather watch strap


  • Crazy Horse Leather could help show off your fashion style, as it has a timeless vintage beauty and brings each product a distinctive style. 
  • It is durable leather and likely to scratch. No need to worry, as having more scratches will make it rarer and matured, so it's a perfect type of leather for anyone who hates keeping leather products unscratched all the time. 


  • Because it is easy to get scratched, crazy horse leather gets a worn-out appearance and looks older than other leather types, and some people don't like it.
  • The wax layer of Crazy Horse Leather helps protect the leather from weather and mold. Since this leather type could lose its wax layer over time, you might need to add wax periodically.

Crazy Horse Leather Care & Cleaning

crazy horse leather care

It's pretty convenient that the leather only requires minimal care and cleaning. However, if your Crazy Horse Leather goods surfaces get dirt, you should use a dry or soft damp cloth to wipe on its surface. You can also use moisture leather cream and remember not to use detergents on the products.  

Like other leather product preservation, you should leave your crazy horse leather products in cool, dry places and away from direct sunlight as well as heat. If your crazy horse leather product gets wet, use a soft cloth to dry it and avoid the direct heat, such as using a hairdryer will make your leather crack. 

If you want to remove the scratches on the surface, use a soft cloth to rub gently and circularly to the scratches until the scratches fade. If necessary, usually for deep scratches, you can use leather wax to make it back to the original look. You should periodically add wax to Crazy Horse Leather, as the wax layer will lose over time. 

Some Crazy Horse Leather Products 

Crazy Horse Leather Watch Bands

crazy horse leather watch band

With an arrogant look, crazy horse leather is used in many high-end watch straps, giving the watches a stylish and luxurious appearance.  

Crazy Horse Leather Shoes

crazy horse leather shoes

Crazy Horse Leather is also used to make shoes due to its durability and smooth surface, making the shoes distinctive and unique.

Crazy Horse Leather Bags 

crazy horse leather bag

Bags made from crazy horse leather gives an old dusty but chic look.

Aug Leather Uses Crazy Horse Leather To Make High-End Leather Watch Straps 

leather watch straps

At Aug Leather, Crazy Horse Leather is used to make high-end leather products, especially in our fashionable and stylish Leather Watch Straps. 

You can find crazy horse leather in our watch bands of most watch types, such as Apple Watch straps, Rolex watch straps, Omega watch straps, etc. In addition, we also use this leather type in our trendy bags and wallets. 

This leather type's durability and cool look with Aug Leather's highly skilled craftsmen produce premium, stylish and beautiful leather products. If you consider selecting a leather watch strap, wallets, or bags, you could contact us for more consultation. 


Those are everything about crazy horse leather. We hope after reading this article, you will have more information and knowledge about this leather type. Crazy Horse Leather provides the users an arrogant and dusty look making this leather type loved by many people. If you are considering choosing a leather type, crazy horse leather is a good choice.