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Six Important Things To Aware To Choose Best Men Wallet 2021

Choosing a suitable wallet for men might be a little challenging, as it will depend on your needs, your fashion styles, even your characteristics. A good wallet has high quality, convenience, and has a great design with an affordable price. These are six factors for your reference to select the perfect men's wallet that suits you best. 

Types Of Men’s Wallets 

Wallets for men have various types with different designs. There are ten main types of men’s wallets for you to choose.

  • Bifold wallet: The most common wallet type is the bifold wallet. The wallet could be folded in half and usually include card slots, coin pocket, bill slot, ID pocket, and open slots.

best men bifold wallet 2021

  • Trifold wallet: As the name suggests, this wallet type could be folded in third, and it’s pretty similar to a bifold wallet. The difference is that a trifold wallet might have more slots than a bifold wallet. 

trifold leather men wallet

  • Hipster Wallet: It is like a bifold wallet, however, it’s wider and taller than a bifold wallet.  

leather hipster wallet for men

  • Zipper Wallet: A bifold wallet with zipper closure. It seems to be a perfect wallet for those who are overstuffing their wallet.  

wallet with zipper closure

  • Chain Wallet: It is a wallet that has a metal chain with a buckle at the end. This wallet type makes a perfect match for bikers who want to keep their things from falling out when biking. It is also quite convenient for you not to forget the wallet somewhere. 

leather best chain wallet for men 2021

  • Long Wallet: Long wallet is the wallet that has a longer length than a normal wallet. The advantage of this wallet is that you can keep your money flat and there are many card slots. 

brown leather long wallet

  • Money Clip Wallet: It has a money clip in the wallet center and has a cardholder feature. People usually keep it in their front pocket. 

money clip wallet for men

  • Mini wallet - Card Holder: The wallet has a mini size and convenience for those who carry just a few cash, coins, and cards. 

mini wallet for men

  • Key wallet: This wallet type could hold up to 12 keys with its hooks (depending on the designs) and some compartments to carry your cash and credit cards. 

best wallet for men 2021 key wallet

  • Checkbook Wallet: It is also a bifold wallet with a place to keep your unfolded money or checks. 

brown leather checkbook wallet for men

Choosing a wallet type is essential and primarily based on your personality and needs. For example, a trifold wallet is designed to fit tidy men carrying many things, while a cardholder is perfect for men who bring the least stuff. 

Men Wallet Design

the best mens wallet

Most common wallets for men in 2021 are those which have a minimalist and neat design. A simple wallet for men could be matched with either casual or formal outfits. Simplicity also brings you a mature and elegant look. 

Men Wallet Size & Compartments 

best slim men’s wallet

You can choose a suitable wallet depending on your needs. You could list everything that needs to be in your wallet (cash, number of cards, number of keys, etc.) to decide which size and how many slots in the wallet you will need. 

An oversized wallet should be avoided, as it will make your pocket look sloppy. Instead, you could try a wallet with just enough cardholders and cash compartments to carry your things. Don’t bring unnecessary items with you (for instance: old bills or folded leaflets) to make your wallet look decent and not bloated. 

Leather Type For Men Wallet

leather type for men wallets 2021

There are numerous leather types for men's wallets: calfskin, crocodile leather, shell cordovan leather, lizard leather, etc. Depending on your style and like, you could select the best material for your leather wallet. This is some common leather type with different features and characteristics for your reference. 

The most common leather wallet material used seems to be calfskin, as this leather type is easy to find, durable, and has vibrant colors. However, if you are a person who loves difference and uniqueness, you could try exotic leather types, such as lizard leather, crocodile leather, ostrich leather, etc. 

Note: When choosing a leather wallet, check if the leather type is genuine or not. We recommend you select a high-end wallet made from genuine leather for a long wallet’s life. 

Men’s Wallet Color 

best wallet for men

A leather men's wallet normally has dark colors, such as dark brown, navy blue, black, etc. Of course, you can pick any color according to your liking, as long as you feel comfortable and confident with it. 

Best Men Wallet 2021 Price

best men wallet 2021 price

Finally, an important factor that most of us always care about. It’s the price of a wallet. We recommend you select a wallet with an affordable price, not cheap and not too expensive. It is like an investment for the long-term. 

A high-quality wallet, comes with a suitable price, will be durable, convenient to carry, keep its beauty over time and help you show off your style as well as your social status.

Aug Leather Creates High-end Leather Wallets

best brand of men's wallet

So, where to buy good wallets? At Aug Leather, our craftsmen crafted high-end leather types with a lot of experience in leather production, making Aug Leather's handmade men's wallets stylish, fashionable and perfect for you to carry.

Aug Leather has various wallet types with different designs, colors and materials. We accept all custom orders to create you the most unique and distinctive wallet. If you are considering selecting a wallet, you could contact us for more consultation. 


These are six things you need to be aware of to get a perfect wallet that suits your needs as well as your fashion styles. We hope that you’ve finally selected a good wallet for yourself, for your family members, or for your relatives.