Top 7 Leather For Watch Straps In 2021 Shine Your Wrist

Selecting leather for watch straps might be challenging since there are so many types of leather in the market. Aug Leather would like to introduce 7 leather for watch straps to shine your wrist and style your watches. Explore the top 7 types of leather to choose the best leather for your watch bands! 

Epsom Leather Watch Strap

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What Is Epsom Leather?

Epsom leather is a perfect material to make beautiful and high-end leather watch straps. It is made by pressing the calfskin repeatedly to create texture on the surface, giving it a distinctive appearance. It is laminated skin allowing the leather to retain its original shape in many situations. Epsom leather is known for its durability and showing color more vibrantly than other materials. 

Pros and Cons Of Epsom Leather


  • Epsom leather is highly aesthetic, as it could be made into various vibrant colors with a unique and distinctive texture.
  • Epsom leather is relatively durable as it's a hard skin type with form retention and scratch resistance feature, so you could use Epsom leather products for an extended period without minding that it could wear out quickly. 
  • It is pretty easy to clean and maintain. You only need a damp cloth to wipe all stains away or use specialized solutions to retain the new looking of your Epsom leather watch straps. 


  • Epsom leather is expensive because it has many outstanding advantages as it's a premium leather type used by famous brands, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton. At Aug Leather, we also use Epsom leather to make high-end handmade Epsom leather watch straps.
  • Epsom leather is water-repellent. However, its water absorption feature is low. 

Togo Leather Watch Strap 

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What Is Togo Leather?

Togo leather is a grainy calfskin. This leather is relatively light and can recover its shape in many situations, so if you like the types of leather that are easy to maintain, it is the perfect leather for you to select. The surface of this leather has a pebbled finish, which makes it smooth but grainy. 

Pros And Cons Of Togo Leather


  • Togo leather is superior to cowhide because the surface is smoother, and the pores are smaller. This leather type is highly elastic, as the leather has thick skin fiber density, and it is pretty soft and supple. 
  • Togo leather is easy to clean and quick to maintain. You only need to avoid harsh detergents when cleaning Togo leather products. 


  • Although Togo leather is durable. However, it is made of calfskin, which is thinner and still less durable than cowhide. Because of that, it is often used to make light products such as gloves, bags, watch straps, etc. Togo leather is considered a luxurious and beautiful yet hard-to-pamper leather type. 

Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Band

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What Is Shell Cordovan Leather?

Shell Cordovan is known as horsehide leather. Because Shell Cordovan leather is non-creasing and smooth, it is a favorite material for making watchbands, shoes, wallets, and other leather products. 

Pros And Cons Of Shell Cordovan Leather


  • Shell Cordovan leather has exceptional durability. This leather also has scratch-resistant features, and it could restore the scratched mark. 
  • In particular, this skin type isn't sanded and polished, so its surface still has scratches and fighting marks of the horse, which makes the leather natural more than ever. 
  • Due to its rare and luxury look, Shell Cordovan leather watch straps would give your watch a premium and chic appearance. 


  • Shell Cordovan is firm, sturdy, and not flexible as other calf leather types. Moreover, it isn't breathable leather, which might make some people uncomfortable when wearing it.
  • Its price is high as Shell Cordovan is rare due to the short supply of horse skin and has adventurous features.

Barenia Leather Watch Band

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What Is Barenia Leather?

Barenia leather is made from calfskin. It has a silky, soft buttery look and just a perfect amount of gloss, making it more vibrant than ever. In addition, it is durable and high-end material to make leather watch bands, as Barenia is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Over time, although the leather appears patinas, it still looks better when aging. 

Pros And Cons Of Barenia Leather


  • Barenia leather matures and develops a patina when aging due to its oil quality and absorbing oil ability getting it a great look. 
  • It has a soft, buttery surface with a hint of gloss, making your watches more elegant and luxurious. 


  • Barenia leather is scratch-resistant, thanks to the ability to absorb the oil. However, it is still more prone to scratches than other leather types. Fine scratches can be removed easily by rubbing away, but more heavy scratches might cause marks on the surfaces of this leather, which makes Barenia p icky for users. 
  • Barenia leather is not really good at retaining its shape as its elasticity is not high. This could be annoying for some people.  

Alligator Leather Watch Strap

alligator handcrafted leather watch straps

What Is Alligator Leather? 

It is leather collected from alligators. There are 4 parts of the alligator skin used to make leather products: Back, tail, belly, and side skin.

Alligator leather is light, so it's favorable to make high-quality shoes, wallets, leather watch straps, handbags, clothing, and other goods. Furthermore, due to the particular supply from this exotic animal, alligator leather is exceptionally durable and expensive. 

Pros & Cons Of Alligator Leather


  • Alligator leather is considered one of the most durable leathers due to its solid structure and high elasticity. It is also breathable leather and very tough when contacting the natural environment. 
  • Alligator leather is more long-lasting than other leather types because it does not crack easily. 
  • The most remarkable thing about alligator leather is its unique pattern, making it very different and giving the leather products a luxurious, valuable, and exotic look. 
  • Almost alligator skin is used to produce leather goods, giving each product a beautiful look of this exotic animal. 


  • Due to the short supply of this exotic animal and the high quality of this leather type, alligator leather is expensive. 
  • Many products from alligator skin are counterfeited and sold, so consumers need to equip themselves with leather knowledge to distinguish genuine alligator leather. 

Crazy Horse Leather Watch Strap

crazy horse best leather for watch straps

What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy horse leather is made from full-grain cowhide. After the cowhide is buffed and smoothed, a natural wax layer is added to the leather, and then it is polished to have a smooth surface. Traditionally, it was used to make horse saddles, known as the most durable leather. 

Crazy Horse Leather Pros & Cons


  • Crazy horse leather will show off your style and characteristics, as it has a vintage beauty and distinctive look. 
  • It is durable, long-lasting, and easy to scratch. The more scratches it has made it more matured and good-looking, and there is no need to be too careful when using this leather type. 


  • Crazy horse leather gets worn out because it's prone to scratches, making some people dislike it.
  • Since crazy horse leather could lose its wax layer over time, you will need to add wax periodically.

Buttero Leather Watch Band

buttero leather for watch straps

What Is Buttero Leather?

Buttero is a leather type that is 100% vegetable-tanned. Buttero leather has fantastic tension, durability, and quality, from the full-grain shoulder skin. Although its surface is relatively smooth, it becomes darker and more glossy, giving it better and better looking. 

Pros & Cons Of Buttero Leather


  • Usually, veg-tan leather doesn't have a variety of colors. However, for Buttero leather, there are many vibrant colors to choose from, which expands your choice of colors.
  • The grain side of Buttero leather is water-resistant, which makes you easily polish the edges and clean the surface.  


  • Buttero leather is prone to scratches, so you need to avoid getting in contact with sharp objects. 

You could find more information about the leather types listed above here.

Aug Leather Watch Straps

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Aug Leather uses various leather types, including the top 7 best leather for watch straps to make premium handcrafted leather watch straps. Each leather watchband is 100% handmade by more than 5-year experienced craftsmen with high-end leather types, which keeps our watch strap stylish, aesthetic and fits your own unique style.  


Those are everything about top 7 leather for watch bands in 2021. We hope that you could finally select the most appropriate and beautiful leather to make your watch bands. If you consider getting new leather watch straps or leather types for your watch bands, wallets, and other accessories, you could contact us for advice and consultation.