Why Should You Choose A Leather Watch Band Today

The leather watchband is selected by most people due to its beauty from a variety of leather types and comfort when wearing it. These are five reasons why leather straps are used commonly and why you should get one today!

How Many Types Of Leather Watch Band?

leather watch band

Leather watch bands could be made of many leather types, such as alligator leather, Epsom leather, Togo leather, Shell Cordovan leather, etc. Each type of leather will bring the watchband distinctive characteristics and a unique look, which suits the diverse needs of users. 

Moreover, leather watch straps also have various ways of designing and making. Stitched leather watchband, perforated leather watch strap, rally leather strap, leather bund strap, and other strap styles make the watch and your watch fashionable. 

5 Best Reasons To Select A Leather Watch Band Today

Leather Watch Band Is Versatile

leather watch band matching

You could match your leather watch band with many outfits, from a tie to a belt or leather shoes. If you're interested, check out this article about watch strap color rules [LINK] to have the best match of leather straps with your outfits. Any genders and ages all seem to be appropriate in a leather watch strap. 

Besides, a leather watch strap could bring you a new look and style-changing ability. We recommend you own multiple leather watch strap types and colors, as you could change the leather strap for your watches to match your outfits every day, which upgrades your appearance. 

Leather watch straps make great fits with most watch faces in the market, like smartwatches like Apple watches, quartz watches, automatic watches, etc. 

Wearing Leather Watch Band Is Comfortable 

handmade omega leather watch strap

As the leather is soft and supple, leather watch bands will make you comfortable and easy to deal with. Whenever you move your wrist, the leather strap will follow your movement. You could also easily adjust your leather band to be fit, tight, or loose to your wrist. 

Most leather types are breathable and can absorb sweat and humidity to make your wrist more relaxing than wearing a metal or rubber watch strap. It is a significant advantage of a leather watch band, as your wrist will never feel hot, stretched, and annoying.

The Quality Of Leather Watch Band

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The leather watchband is durable and hard to tear. Over time, some leather types even look better and have a valuable appearance. Although the leather color fades after an extended period, the quality of leather lasts. 

Cowhide is the most common material to make leather watch straps. However, you could also meet other materials like alligator leather, ostrich leather, horse leather, etc., to create beautiful watch bands. Genuine leathers are always high-quality, and with the proper care and cleaning, they will last longer and make full use of their strengths. 

Leather Watch Strap Is Classy

classy leather watch strap

A leather watch strap brings you a classy and chic look. The leather is simple and becomes distinctive due to the pattern of animal skin. It could be worn in any situation, a wedding, a meeting, or just a day out. A leather watchband never goes out of fashion, which is why wearing it will give you a timeless fashion style. 

In addition, each leather watch band also brings your watch a different and new look. Changing your watch strap not only changes the appearance of your watch but also celebrates its beauty. Many people who own watches have various leather watch straps to give their watches new 'outfits' and create new styles. 

Leather Watch Strap Is Affordable

leather watch strap price

There are several leather watch strap types with a variety of prices. Most of them have relatively affordable prices. Therefore, it's not difficult for you to select an appropriate leather watch strap that fits your budget. We recommend you purchase high-quality and good watch straps at the first time to avoid buying many new straps frequently. 

Where To Buy High-End Leather Watch Band At A Good Price? 

where to buy leather watch strap

There are big brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton selling leather watch straps made from various luxury leather types at a high price. 

If you want to get a high-quality leather watch strap with a better price and made from genuine leather type, you could search for smaller brands or local brands, like Aug Leather, a long-standing brand specializing in handmade leather watch straps.  

At Aug Leather, the most high-end leather types are used in our products. Aug Leather provides Leather Watch Straps for various watches, such as Apple watch straps, Rolex leather watch straps, Omega watch straps, Panerai watch straps, Seiko watch straps, Vintage watch straps, etc. 

Aug Leather's unique beauty and characteristics of many types of leather, along with Aug Leather's highly skilled craftsmen, Aug Leather produces the most premium, luxurious, elegant, and stylish leather watch straps. If you consider selecting a watch strap, you could contact us for more advice and consultation. 


Those are the benefits that leather watch straps bring to you. Although there are many other materials to make watch straps, leather watch straps are still considered to give watch owners a timeless fashion style. Each leather watch strap gives your watch a different style and look, so don't hesitate to change your watch straps every day to suit your daily outfits.