Lizard Leather: Most Exotic Leather To Make Leather Products

Lizard Leather: Most Exotic Leather To Make Leather Products

What Is Lizard Leather? 

what is lizard leather

Lizard leather comes from lizard skin. The three most common types of lizard skin used are Teju Lizard, Ring Lizard, and Nile Lizard. It has a smooth texture with shiny glaze and can be dyed with many colors. Lizard leather is thinner, softer than other exotic leather, like crocodile or alligator leather, but it is incredibly flexible and supple. 

Lizard Leather Characteristic

lizard leather watch band characteristics

Lizard Leather Durability

Is lizard leather durable? Lizard leather has outstanding durability. Whether you use lizard leather shoes, leather bags, lizard leather watch straps, etc., you don't have to worry that it would crack after a long period of regular wearing. Although its thickness is about 0.4 to 0.6 mm and softer than other exotic leather, lizard leather is also hard to tear. 

Lizard Leather Surface

As we have mentioned before, the main source of lizard leather is from three lizard breeds: teju lizard, ring lizard, and Nile lizard. For each species, the leather has a different surface: 

  • For Teju Lizard: This type of lizard is located in the southern part of South Africa. Its scales are small, uneven in color, and have a square shape. 
  • For Ring Lizard: It is an Indonesian lizard. As the name suggests, its skin pattern has various round ring shapes, making the leather made from it attractive.  
  • For Nile Lizard: The species comes from Sudan. The Nile lizard's skin includes several more minor scales than the Teju lizard and Ring lizard's. With a unique color, Nile Lizard leather is pretty distinctive.  

In general, lizard leather has a smooth texture, distinctive pattern, and attractive colors, so there is no surprise that this leather type is favorably used in leather products, especially in wallets, watch straps, bags, and shoes. 

Lizard Leather Flexibility 

Lizard leather is versatile. With a tough structure, it is not prone to crease. That's why the leather type can be used in a variety of leather products. Moreover, it is also bleached and dyed easily to have even color.  

Lizard Leather Care & Cleaning 

lizard leather care cleaning

Lizard Leather Cleaning

When owning a lizard leather product, you should avoid letting it contact direct heat or sunlight or getting them wet. If it gets wet, you will need to use a dry cloth or tissue paper to absorb the water from the leather. 

For the lizard leather cleaning, use a soft and slightly damp cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface away. Remember to wipe following the direction of the scales. For the more stubborn stains in skin grooves, use an incredibly soft brush to remove them gently. 

Lizard Leather Care

With the proper care, lizard leather could last long and maintain as new over time. For the leather care, you will need to get a lizard leather conditioner. Apply your conditioner to your leather and wipe it slightly with a dry soft and lint-free cloth following the scales direction, then absorb all the left moisture with another dry cloth. For more specific information, you should read the conditioner producer instructions. 

After conditioning your leather, please leave it in a dry, cool place in your house. Most leather types and lizard leather will shrink and crack if they contact direct sunlight or heat for a long time, so please note this. 

We recommend you clean and condition your lizard leather once every six months to preserve your leather best. Pay attention to your lizard leather surface. If it seems to get dry out, then you should use your leather conditioner. 

Some Lizard Leather Products

Lizard Leather Watch Strap

lizard leather watch band

Lizard leather watch strap is durable and distinctive, giving your watches a new look and new luxury style. 

Lizard Leather Wallet

lizard leather wallet

For those who love different and unique styles, a lizard leather wallet is a perfect choice. 

Lizard Leather Boots

lizard leather boots

Lizard leather is tough and exceptionally durable, so it's an excellent material to make leather boots. 

Lizard Leather Bag

lizard leather bag

With an exotic look and special pattern, lizard leather brings your bags a different and fancy appearance. 

Aug Leather Uses Lizard Leather To Make High-End Leather Watch Strap

apple watch leather straps

At Aug Leather, we use Lizard Leather to make premium leather watch straps, such as Apple watch straps, Rolex leather watch straps, Omega watch straps, Panerai watch straps, Seiko watch straps, Vintage watch straps, and any leather watch straps according to your requests. 

High-quality and unique lizard leather is turned into long-lasting and stylish watch straps by Aug Leather's craftsmen, making Aug Leather's handmade leather watch straps luxurious, fashionable, and distinctive more than ever. If you are considering selecting a watch strap, you could contact us for more information and consultation. 


Like crocodile or alligator leather, lizard leather provides you an exceptional appearance, but it doesn't have an unusual pattern that could sometimes make your product distracting, which is a plus point. Lizard leather watch bands and lizard leather boots, lizard leather bags, and other products have an attractively beautiful look due to the leather's features and characteristics.