Fashion Color Trend 2021 You Will Love

Top 10+ Fashion Color Trend 2021 You Will Love

Fashion trends might be the thing everyone cares about, whether you are a fashionista, a fashion designer, or just a trendy person. The fashion color of the year 2021 has colors that bring hope and optimism after a sad year with Covid-19. 

As you have known, Pantone has selected two colors for the year 2021, which are illuminating and ultimate grey. These two independent colors express the mood of the year 2021: Illuminating represents positive, and grey represents aspirational and hope, meaning that we should be hopeful and having positive thinking. According to Pantone, these are ten fashion color trends in 2021 we would love to share with you. 

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Marigold Yellow 

fashion color trend 2021

Marigold yellow is one of the fashion color trends in 2021, as this color reflects hope in the future and reminds everyone of happiness when getting dressed. You could match with other warm colors of clothes and accessories like red, orange, or even caramel brown for this one. Marigold yellow dresses would give you a feeling of sunny days coming, and the bold shade is an excellent color for spring-summer 2021.

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Sky Blue

fashion color trends 2021 sky blue

Blue is a color that reflects hope and peace. After 2020, a sad year of coronavirus restrictions, this new color trend is inspired by the outdoors. Sky blue brings you to a cloudless summer day and provides fresh air for streetwear and casual clothes. 

When matching your clothes color, sky blue could be accented with bright pink, yellow, and orange. 

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Pumpkin Orange

fashion color trends 2021 orange rust

You might be surprised that the color trend 2021 for spring is pumpkin orange. This autumny color brings uncharacteristic chic for spring 2021. However, it also feels incredibly luxurious for spring. This color shade would add a layer of elegance to your outfits, thanks to its earthy tone. 

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Mint Green

fashion color trends 2021

Pastels are colors for spring 2021. Mint green color in this season gives the feeling of freshness as ever. When you dress it with voluminous monochrome, the soothing shade would be a perfect fit. After the seasons of neon colors, mint green brings you a new beginning and a new style. 

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Buttercream

fashion color trend buttercream beige leather

2021 is filled with bold colors. Neutrals like cream or buttercream would bring you special effects and a unique look in spring and summer 2021. Buttercream adds a layer of elegance and crispness to your fashion style. This color is also the color of simplicity and modernity.

Fashion Color Trend 2021: Cherry red

fashion color trends 2021 cherry red

Last year, monochrome red was a trendy color. This year, cherry red returns as a color of spring and summer in 2021. The scarlet color is also used by prominent brands, such as Chanel, Hermès, Versace, etc. Cherry red is an attention-grabbing and excellent yet luxury color. It’s also the hottest color you should try this year. 


Fashion Color Trend 2021: Hot Pink


fashion color trend 2021 hot pink

Pink is one of the most stylish fashion colors you should have in your wardrobes in 2021. Although the color has been associated with girly for a long time, it’s now a timely color and offers a mood-boost feeling. Unlike some calming and cool colors, hot pink is much more audacious. This color is not as vivid as the scarlet color. Hot pink would make you more attractive, not obnoxiously or glaringly, and most importantly, it looks great with any skin tone for people of all ages. 

Other Color Trend 2021

Pantone and Shutterstock have selected the best fashion color trend in 2021 with bright and soothing colors inspired by the natural palette. These are some other colors you can choose from to create your fashionable and trendy outfits. 

Ultimate Gray & Illuminating 

Gray is also a calming color that encourages composure. Pantone has selected Ultimate Gray as a color of dependability and solidarity this year paired with illuminating. The two colors are a message and a reminder that everything will always get better no matter what happens, especially during the pandemic. These two colors are colors of the year 2021 as it gives everyone hopeful feeling and joy. 

Set Sail Champagne

fashion color trend 2021 set sail champagne shutterstock

Set sail Champagne is selected as a color trend of 2021 by Shutterstock. This color brings serene and soothing after a turbulent 2020. Set sail Champagne, creamy color with a soft hint of orange, is an enjoyable alternative for white. White is pristine, but sometimes it might look bland, then set sail champagne starts to glow. It brings a calm and warm feeling to your clothes with an elegant tone. 

Fortuna Gold

fashion trends 2021 fortuna gold

Move next. The fortunate gold color is another fashion color trend in 2021. The color represents chance happenings and happiness found in every moment of life. It is an antique color with tones of yellow, brown, and olive. Furthermore, it represents a historical explication of precious metals. When combining this color with other vivid colors, it would be a color resonance. If you combine it with earthy colors, Fortuna Gold will provide a pleasant feeling. With this versatile color, Fortuna Gold can not only be neutrals but also accent colors for your wardrobes. 

Tidewater Green

fashion trends 2021 tide water green

Another fashion trend in 2021 is the tidewater green color selected by Shutterstock. This color is inspired by the color of the ocean, which provides you a calming and enigmatic feeling. This trendy and contemporary color can be an alternative to dark green or even gray. 

It is a hybrid color and a unique mixture of green and blue with a depth of gray. Tidewater Green has a unique personality without grabbing attention. It makes your appearance feel youthful and organic.  

French Blue

fashion trends 2021 french blue

It’s one of the fashion trends color selected by Pantone this year. It is expected to be popular with people who love the color and are looking for a new shade of blue. French Blue brings intensity to your outfits. You could combine this color with neutrals or white to add pop to your fashion style. 

Green Ash

fashion color of the year 2021

Fashion trend 2021 includes green ash color. This color is inspired by the trend of gardening and outdoor activities during the pandemic. It represents restoration, which brings you freshness, modernity, and a calming style for your appearance. You could combine green ash with orange as an alternative to teal and orange (en vogue lately). You could also match the color with other light and cool shades. 


And those are fashion color trends 2021 you’ll love. We hope you now catch the latest color trends to start matching clothes and accessories fashionably. So show off your style in 2021 and be your fashion designer with beautiful and trendy colors!