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Epsom Leather - Most Popular Material Of Leather Products

Epsom leather is one of the most durable leathers to make leather products. Check out everything about Epsom leather to know more about this leather type. You might fall in love with Epsom leather after knowing its characteristics and pros. 

What Is Epsom Leather?

epsom leather

You might have heard this leather type before. Aug Leather and famous branches frequently use it to make bags, wallets, and other products. Epsom leather is known for its durability, and it also shows the color more vibrant than other materials. For that, Epsom leather's price is high, and its products are excellently durable and aesthetic. 

Unlike other leather types, Epsom leather is laminated skin, which allows the leather to retain its original shape in many situations. Besides, Epsom leather is made by pressing the calfskin repeatedly to create texture on the surface, making it a distinctive appearance that no other leather has. 

Epsom Leather Characteristics 

High Durability

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Because this leather is made by pressing cow skin many times to create texture on its surface, Epsom leather is one of the most durable and light leather types. It is a hard leather type, so it's pretty good at form retention. 

The great thing about Epsom leather is that it's pretty light and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Furthermore, its surface is covered by scratch-resistant and water-resistant layers, a considerable advantage of Epsom leather. 

Various Colors

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A remarkable characteristic of Epsom leather in fashion is that it has a wide variety of colors. With production technology, nowadays, you could get any color of Epsom leather as your desire. It also has a moderate thickness, so Epsom leather is very suitable for wallets, bags, etc. The craftsmen who make Epsom leather products will need to have master skills and experiences to manipulate this high-end leather. 

Production Technology Of Epsom Leather

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Pattern-forming molds are heated and then pressed to the surface of cow skin to create unique textures for Epsom leather products. As a result, Epsom leather is beautiful and durable. Epsom leather has been used in many of Aug Leather products, typically leather bags. With high-quality material - Epsom leather, our products have been pricey and loved by our customers worldwide.

Water Resistance

Although Epsom leather is water-repellent, the water absorption is low. Also, unlike other leather, the Epsom leather surface has been treated, so you don't need to worry that Epsom leather could be wet easily. 

Easy To Be Cleaned


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  • For Easy-To-Clean Stains

You could use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of Epsom leather. You could also use some specialized cleaning solutions to wipe out all the stains. Please note when using a cleaning solution, you should apply it to a minor position before spreading it around. For example, if that's food stains, you can use powder to stain the stains, leave a time, and then use a piece of cloth to wipe it.  

  • For Stains That Are Difficult To Clean

For ink stains, you could use a white eraser to erase them gently. For dirty oil stains, use cornstarch to rub on the stains, then wipe them with a cloth. Baking soda is a good solution for deodorizing your leather bag by placing it in your bag. You could also keep a desiccant in your bag in the wet season to prevent it from being moldy.  

Pros and Cons Of Epsom Leather

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  • Epsom leather is highly aesthetic, as it could be made into various colors with a unique texture and distinctive leather surface, different from other leather types.
  • The durability of Epsom leather is relatively high as it's a hard skin type with form retention and scratch resistance feature, so you could use Epsom leather product for an extended period without worrying that it could wear out quickly. 
  • Epsom leather is easy to clean and maintain. You only need a damp cloth to wipe all stains away. If you are not comfortable using a damp cloth, you could use specialized solutions to keep the leather always new. 


  • The Epsom leather price is high because it has many outstanding advantages as it's a premium leather type. 
  • Epsom leather is water-repellent, but its water absorption feature is low. 

Products Made From Epsom Leather

Epsom Leather Strap For Watches


epsom leather watch straps

The embossment of the pattern into Epsom leather makes it very rigid, making them material for watch straps. It explains why Epsom leather finally takes its shape on the wrist after a time and holds its shape excellently. 

Epsom Leather Wallet


epsom leather wallet

Epsom leather is also an excellent material to make wallets due to its durability and lightness. You could use it for a long time without being worn out and carry it easily everywhere you go. 

Epsom Leather Bag 


epsom leather hermes bag

With scratch-resistant features, Epsom leather is commonly used to produce bags. Epsom leather also gives the bag durability with a rigid structure, making the bags more pristine.  

Epsom Leather Belt


epsom leather hermes

Durable structure and un-stretched texture make Epsom leather a perfect material for leather belts. In addition, Epsom leather will make the belts elegant and sophisticated products. 

Epsom Leather Fashion Trends 2021

Epsom leather is timeless due to its outgoing characteristics: durability, lightness, scratch-resistance, flexibility in colors, and laminated skin with a unique texture. Because of that, Epsom leather is not out of fashion today, and not only Aug Leather but also other famous brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, etc., still use it commonly to make brand's products. 

Aug Leather Uses Epsom Leather To Make Premium Leather Products

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At Aug Leather, high-quality Epsom Leather is used widely in our products, especially in our premium Leather Watch Straps. For example, you could find Epsom Leather in each of our Apple watch straps, Rolex leather watch straps, Omega watch straps, and our wallets as well.

With unique and special features, Epsom leather is crafted by Aug Leather's high skilled craftsmen to produce premium, luxurious, elegant, and stylish products. If you consider selecting a watch strap, wallets you could contact us for more advice and consultation. 


And that's everything we want you to know about Epsom leather. Epsom leather, an excellent high-quality leather, has been used in many products of famous brands around the world, so it's a good leather for you to try. We believe after reading this article. You will know more about Epsom leather and select the perfect leather types for your leather goods.