12 Leather Trends 2021 You Don’t Want To Miss Out

12 Leather Trends 2021 You Don’t Want To Miss Out

Leather trends 2021 are perfect things to follow when you’re a stylish person and care about your appearance. 

Are you a leather lover? Or are you just the one that loves wearing fashionable clothes and wants to increase confidence when going out? Whoever you are, we believe these leather trends 2021 would give you the best pickings for your style and taste. 

Leather Trends 2021: Fashion Trend For Summer 2021

Fashion Trend 2021: Soft Leather Gathered

leather trend 2021 soft gathered leather

In summer 2021, the leather fashion trend encourages people to add unique textures to shiny leather and simple designs. The gathered leather has texture and a minimalist appearance, so a single-color design is a great fit. It created a fancy and modern look for your clothing style. 

For example, matching soft tan and gray color for your outfits would give your appearance harmony and elegance. 

Leather Fashion Trend: Fishnet leather

leather trend 2021 fishnet leather

This unique leather fashion trend brings you a modern and aesthetic feeling. Natural material will go well with fishnet leather. If you match this leather with some high-quality clothes, it will create a highly luxury outfit.  

Leather Trend: Smooth Leathers

leather fashion trend 2021 smooth leather

Smooth leathers with a soft waxy surface are leather trends 2021. With natural tone designs and high-quality leather, this leather type is selected by most people, especially those who are fashionistas. 

Smooth, waxy leather is one of the timeless leather with a minimalist look. People nowadays are likely to use products that have production processes with very limited or no harmful chemicals. This leather type also has a natural color palette, so that’s why most people choose it. 

Exotic Leather - Leather Trend Of 2021

leather trend in 2021 exotic leather

Exotic leather is commonly used to make sneakers, bags, shoes, and belts this year. This leather is made of reptile skins, and the natural palette inspires the design. Besides, some crocodile-effect leathers with glossiness are likely to be a hot trend in 2021, as it shows off people’s luxury and modernity. A remarkable new thing in 2021 is digital texture leather. This leather gives you an artificial feeling and a more updated version of leather. 

Flossy Leather - Fashion Trend Of This Year

leather trends 2021 flossy leather

The flossy effect of this leather combined with pop color tones would give you a retro and futuristic appearance. Flossy leather is usually used to make footwear, belts, and accessories, which would provide the best matching. 

Tie-dye leather - Special Leather Trend 2021

leather of 2021 tie dye leather

Tie-dye leather is a sophisticated combination of hues colors to give you youth and a fresh style. The trend in 2021 is using bio-dyes, natural dyes material from plant sources, to offer safe and natural for users. 

Oiled Leather - Trend Of 2021

leather trends 2021 oiled leather

It is leather for durability and protection, is made for outdoor activities and sports. Oiled leather is entirely breathable, so it would make you comfortable whenever wearing it. 

Beige Leather - Fashion Of The Year 

leather trend of 2021 beige leather

Beige Leather - Leather and beige are the trends right now. Beige leather could be matched with brown or earthy clothes or accessories to compliment the elegance and nobility. 

Beige is an easy color to match with other outfits, but if you love the warm modern style, we recommend you style this color with earth tones, browns, orange or green. If you like the prominence and dynamism, then try style beige with soft blue or light green.

Leather Trends 2021: Fashion Trend For Fall/Winter 2021

Black Grape Leather - Leather Trends 2021

leather trend 2021 black grape leather

Black grape is a unisex color, so it’s a trend this year in fall or winter. Both men and women can match this color with any color easily to create a perfect and fashionable style. 

Cream White Leather & Sky Blue Leather

leather fashion 2021 sky blue leather

Two-color cream white and sky blue are in cool tones, which is quite suitable for fall-winter. In 2021, white cream leather for women and sky blue leather for men are the trend. These two bright colors create a calm impression and trendy style. For men, sky blue also shows off masculinity and becomes a highlight for your clothes. 

Orange And Blue Leather

leather trends 2021 orange blue leather

When it comes to winter, people often remember the cold tones like blues or greys. Soft blue is also the trend in winter 2021, matching with highlights and like orange (hot color) or violet. You could combine soft blue or orange with other colors as long as the mix emphasizes both colors. 

Metallic And Glossy Leather - Unique Fashion Trend 2021

leather trends 2021 metalic silver glossy leather

This unique leather is an exceptional choice for those who love the difference and attraction. Metallic leather has a sparkling effect that gives you youthfulness in every outfit style. 

Choosing glossy bright purple or black leather is a great way to display your elegance. You could also select many colors, from green to pink and ice white, to style with this shimmering leather.  


Those are two main leather trends in 2021, according to seasons. In summer, soft leather and exotic leather are the most common things, while blue leather matching with highlight color and light soft color is a popular trend in fall-winter 2021. 

We hope these 12 leather trends 2021 would make you a trend catcher in fashion. Have you selected the outfits with one of these trendy leathers? Just become a fashionista of your own life and match any fashionable clothes that fit your taste.